Voice Lessons and Vocal Coaching

Private Voice Lessons

At the heart of the services we provide for singers is the private lesson. Most of our lessons are 45 minutes long but some singers opt for one hour lessons, especially when they are preparing for a performance or recording. We have found that a 30 minute lesson is really too short to get good results for the singer so we don't offer them.

Lessons are tailored to your needs as a singer, but usually include warm-ups, vocal exercises and song work. The fees for lessons vary depending upon the location of The Deva Method instructor with whom you study. In the Find a Teacher section of this site, you will find profiles and contact information for each of our certified teachers.

Voice lessons are generally scheduled once per week and we ask that our students register and pay for at least four lessons at a time. We do this to help ensure you get results. You can also register and pay for a series of 10 lessons which further reduces the cost per lesson. The price for voice lessons also varies with the location of The Deva Method teacher.

Voice Consultation

Since selecting the right voice teacher is a very personal choice for you, we begin with a private consultation which allows you to meet your prospective vocal coach in person. During this 30 minute meeting with one of our instructors, you will be able to determine for yourself just how professional our voice teachers are and whether they will be able to help you achieve your goals.

A consultation is not just a chat session. The instructor will do a range check to determine your current singing range and how much more potential you have. (You probably have far more vocal range than you are currently using.) They usually like to hear you sing as the best way to get familiar with your voice. After getting familiar with your voice and your goals as a singer, the instructor will answer questions and explain how she will work with you. We usually charge a small fee of between $25 to $75 for the consultation depending upon the instructor.

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