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Singer's Guide to Powerful Performances is an ePub file that can only be opened and read by Adobe Digital Editions. Before downloading the Singer's Guide, it is best to have already installed Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.

Because the ePub file contains other files within it, some computers label it a zip file. However, it is not a zip file and will not work if you try to "unzip" it after it download to your computer.

To avoid this trouble, we suggest installing the free Adobe Digital Editions software first. Then when you click the Download link for the Singer's Guide ePub file, select the "Open With" option in the dialogue box that opens and ensure that Adobe Digital Editions is selected as the program to open the file.

You can use any browser to download the Singer's Guide to Powerful Performances, however we have found that the best browser to use is Google Chrome. You can download Google Chrome free for Mac or PC. When using Google Chrome to download, there is a progress bar at the bottom of the screen and a pull-down menu that allows you to select "Open When Done." This will cause the downloaded ePub file to be be opened with Adobe Digital Editions.

If you have trouble downloading Singer's Guide to Powerful Performances contact us via email for assistance.
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If you don't have Adobe Digital Editions on your computer, you can download it free for Mac or Windows. The first time you download it, you'll be asked to register it and obtain an Adobe ID so that you can copy and validate your eBook purchase on up to six different devices for your personal use.

For general instructions on installing Adobe Digital Editions visit Adobe Support.

Installation Instructions for Mac OS X

Installation Instructions for Window 7, Vista, XP

Can't install Adobe Digital Editions for Windows or Mac OS edition? Adobe Installation Help
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