VoiceTone T1: Adaptive Tone & Dynamics

Additional Details: This is a unique effect that’s like bringing your own recording studio engineer with you to every gig and rehearsal. The T1 simply helps to bring out your best tone. It gives your presence helping eliminate any muddiness in the electronic representation of your voice while still keeping it warm and full rather than overly bright. It also adapts to your voice depending on how close or far your mouth is to the mic.

Additional Details: The VoiceTone E1 gives any singer simple access to delays and echoes that you hear used in hit music production. Slapback, Echo, Tap Echo and FX styles can easily be selected and then tuned with the Feedback and Analog controls. You can tap the song tempo and as with all these pedals, turn the effect on and off with either the foot-switch or the MP-75 Microphone button. You can choose one setting and leave it on for your entire set or change it for different songs.

TC-Helicon VoiceTone Singles

Deva Straight Talk: Not all singers want the abundance of choices the VoiceLive 2 has to offer, but still want the independence of choice and the fabulous sound processing offered by TC-Helicon. TC-H simplified by borrowing isolated effects from the VoiceLive 2 and devised a series of jaw dropping effects each housed in individual pedals. Each pedal allows the singer independent control over its effect. For instance, with the reverb pedal you can select from intimate room setting all the way on up to a big stadium sound. If you want to use more than one kind of pedal, you can daisy-chain (link) them by purchasing their “VoiceTone Singles Connection Kit.”

Best Uses: I use these in my voice studio when preparing singers for auditions, concerts, and recordings. I also use them for my own repertoire practice as well as band rehearsals. In live performance, I use a number of them to dial-in the appropriate sounds for each song. They can also be used in home studios to process the vocals and enhance the quality of the recording.

Technical Details: These pedals are extremely easy to use and for the most part, you don’t even need to open a manual. Just plug in your mic, connect to your mixing board, and you’re ready to sing with studio quality vocal processing. Each pedal also provides phantom power, for those of you with mics that need it, and contains a mic preamp to boost the power of your mic before its signal reaches the mixing board. It also has a foot-switch which allows you to turn it on and off. If you want to talk to your audience without effects, or if for example, you have four of them daisy-chained and only want to use three of the effects for a particular song, you can turn them off with a tap of your foot or via the TC-Helicon MP-75 microphone with remote on/off switch for these pedals. (See the Deva Mic Shopper on this website.)

TC-H Single Effects Pedals are listed on this page along with some additional information for each.

VoiceTone R1: Vocal Tuned Reverb
TC Helicon Voice Tone R1

Additional Details: Reverb adds more of the high range frequencies to the voice. So, as you diminish the degree of reverb (more dry) you will notice that your voice sounds “warmer.”

The reverbs in this pedal make the voice sound beautifully present. They sound natural and enhance the voice in a wide number of settings, from intimate to large-scale venues. Heavier Reverbs: Hall, Plate, Theater and Arena; Lighter Reverbs: Club, Room, Studio and Ambience. The Dry/Wet knob permits adjustment of Less/More reverb for each setting.  I’ve found this little box to give better reverb and tone to my voice than I’ve found from many pro mixing boards in concert venues.

Retail: $149.99

VoiceTone H1

TC Helicon Voice Tone H1

TC Helicon Voice Tone H1
Additional Details: Wow. So many choices of harmonies are available within this little box. And, they all sound GREAT! Once again, TC-Helicon’s electronic wizards have created an easy-to-use pedal that literally opens the box of possibilities for natural–sounding vocal harmonies. One of the knobs helps you preselect the key in which you’ll be singing so that your melody is correctly harmonized. Using the foot switch, you can independently turn them on and off as appropriate to your song.

VoiceTone D1

TC Helicon Voice Tone T1

TC Helicon Voice Tone T1
Additional Details: Doubling vocals is a recording studio technique used in mixing album quality vocals. Most music fans are accustomed to hearing a singer’s voice sound a certain way in recordings and it’s usually due to some amount of doubling used in the recording production. This TC-H pedal brings studio doubling to your live performance. It thickens your live vocals with totally realistic, natural doubling effects and gives you the choice of how much or how little including eight doubling styles: Tight, Loose, Group. Detune, Thick, Octave Up, Octave Down, and Shout. Hearing is believing.

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