Jeannie Deva is one of the nation’s most respected voice and performance coaches. Through Singer's Guide to Powerful Performances she offers many insights for vocalists who are striving for excellence.

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Voice Consultation-Natascha CorriganVoice Consultation-Natascha Corrigan
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Deva Method Voice Lessons in Los Angeles

In-Person Singing Lessons - Los Angeles California

Natascha Corrigan Singer Songwriter

Natascha Corrigan was trained personally by Jeannie Deva and currently offers voice lessons and coaching in Pacoima, Los Angeles, CA. Her private voice studio is accessible to singers in the greater Los Angeles area including Hollywood, Pasadena, San Fernando and Simi Valley areas and Santa Clarita.


Natascha is a native New Yorker. She has been performing professionally on both the east and west coasts in numerous musical theatre productions for over a decade. A talented vocalist and songwriter with many years of experience  performing popular music in a variety of bands including her own original pop/rock band, The Natascha Corrigan Band. Her voice can also be heard on the radio in commercial jingles. 
She joined the Jeannie Deva Voice Studios faculty in 2007.


Natascha's personalized approach includes proper vocal technique along with whatever you may need to accomplish your performing and recording goals. She can coach you to improve vocal strength and stamina, pitch and control or performance and repertoire, audition prep and much more! 

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The Deva Method-Complete Vocal Training for Stage and Studio

This method does not try to make you sound a certain way nor force you into a particular style. Instead, it helps you build and expand your voice to easily sing in the style or styles of your choice, supporting and enhancing your own uniqueness.

The Deva Method is the result of Jeannie’s original research into vocal anatomy. It is a surprisingly innovative approach used by singers and teachers around the world. It is based upon the factual and natural workings of the voice – not opinion or guesswork. 

By gaining an understanding of the true simplicity of how your voice works, you become the one in control. This builds your confidence which gives you the edge as a performer.

Your freedom of expression is unleashed at a a totally pro-sound level. Your unique sound and style is developed and supported so that your full voice is available on demand, for passionate and unhindered artistic expression. Jeannie Deva's vocal method gives you good technique to sing the way you want while keeping your voice healthy.  

If you have studied with other voice teachers or vocal methods and still have unresolved issues with your voice or unobtained goals as a singer/performer, you owe it to yourself to get help from Jeannie Deva. She gets results even with singers who have developed nodes or polyps from long periods of vocal strain.

Even if your voice is fine, if you think you may have untapped potential, want to have more vocal range, better tone or control, ensure you have the vocal stamina to sing as long as you want and last during touring and album recording, this method will help you be the singer you can be. 

Services Include:

Voice Technique – Build vocal strength, stamina, range, flexibility, projection, tone and freedom of expression. If you have studied with other teachers and still have unresolved issues with your voice or unattained goals, Natascha will help you resolve and achieve them.
  • Vocal Health – Resolve the reasons for a tired voice; recuperate from vocal injuries such as nodes; recover loss of range due to vocal blow-out.
  • Song and Performance Development – An important aspect of lesson work includes focus on your song repertoire. Any element you may need to take each of your songs to new heights is included in this work including correcting areas of vocal strain, perfecting pitch with ease, working out any stylistic aspects, and much more.
  • Touring and Show Preparation – Your voice needs stamina to last for every show you perform. Additionally, working with gear becomes important as does “working the stage” while still sounding good: not going off pitch or straining due to movement, and other potential issues. Natascha can work with you both in her studio or come on-location to your rehearsal studio or sound stage to work with you solo as well as with your band.

Studio Equipment

Natascha incorporates the use of equipment in lessons and coaching sessions as it is an important aspect in vocal development.

Most singers perform with gear and need to learn microphone technique as well as performance skills. If you are also recording your music, there is a lot of know-how involved. Natascha is an experienced performer and has worked in the recording studio. Incorporating the use of equipment in lessons prepares you for both live performance and studio recording.

The following is a partial list of the equipment used as appropriate in coaching sessions:
  • Digital piano 
  • Tannoy Speakers 
  • Microphones
  • Headphones
  • 4 channel mixing board 
  • TC-Helicon VoiceLive effects pedal for reverbs, delays, doubling, harmonies and more. 
  • Hook up to PA for iPhone, iPad, Mac notebook or your flash drive to play your tracks

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