In following sample from The Deva Method Vocal Warm-ups and Cool-downs CD, Jeannie Deva discusses warm-ups and vocal exercises in general.

The next sample is a simple warm-up called "The Scoop."

Listen to Jeannie Deva's Advice about Vocalizing as she introduces an exercise on the Contemporary Vocalist Volume One first CD, Developing Control.

Here is a relatively Simple Vocal Exercise from the same CD.

Here is Another Exercise from the second CD Range and Control.

From the fourth CD Working with Words, here is an exercise that Uses Lyrics

From the fourth CD Working with Words, here is another exercise that Uses Lyrics.

From Contemporary Vocalist Volume Two, CD 3, Strength and Stamina, Jeannie Deva coaches an Advanced Vocal Exercise.

From CD-4, Riffs, Runs and Embellishments, here is a Funk Riff sung by Jeannie.

And a Jazz/Blues Style Riff.

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Contemporary Vocalist -1 & Warm-Up DOWNLOADSContemporary Vocalist -1 & Warm-Up DOWNLOADSContemporary Vocalist & Warm-up Downloads
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Vocal Exercise Downloads and eBook

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Singer's Guide to Powerful Performances

Deva Method Vocal Warm-ups

Deva Method Vocal Warm-ups and Cool-Downs

Singers should always warm-up their voice before a rehearsal or gig, But how? Here it is!

Purchase and download these Vocal Warm-ups right now. Burn the MP3 files onto a CD for your personal use. Pop the CD into your car stereo on the way to your gig or rehearsal and follow the instructions by Jeannie Deva. You will sail into the first song in your best form, with throat muscles relaxed and your voice feeling free and resonant!

When you've completed singing, use these Downloaded Audio Files again for a voice saving cool-down.

Contemporary Vocalist Vol 1

Contemporary Vocalist Improvement Course

Contemporary Vocalist Improvement Course Volume 1

This comprehensive course helps you improve your breathing, range and pitch by giving you a new found understanding of the voice. It puts you in control with a method that is used by professional singers of all Styles of Popular Music from Grammy Winners to Idol Finalists. The Contemporary Vocalist Vol 1 Download contains Adobe Reader PDF files of Jeannie Deva's fully illustrated 174 page book and MP3 files of vocal exercises from four CD's. Read more when you click on the product link.

Contemporary Vocalist Vol 2

Contemporary Vocalist Volume 2

Advanced Vocal Exercises

Expression, Heart, Confidence and Control can be yours when you buy and use these advanced exercises. The digital download version of these exercises work with and expand upon the techniques of The Contemporary Volume One. It is recommended that you complete Vol 1 through CD 2, "Range and Control" before starting Vol 2.

The MP3 version of the 4 CD's of Volume Two contain Jeannie Deva's personalized coaching plus a small booklet of written instructions and tips round out all you need to explore, discover and realize potential you may not even know you have.

Download Deva Deal

Jeannie Deva Performing

Vocal Exercise and Warm-up Downloads

Download Deva Deal Package

Buy All Three Downloads - The Contemporary Vocalist Volume 1 & 2 plus The Deva Vocal Warm-ups and Cool-downs and Save Money.

There is a 175 page book as a PDF and 9 CDs of vocal exercises and warm-ups as MP3's in this package. 

This is not an instant download. Within 24 hours (usually much less) after purchase you will receive and email containing instructions for retrieving your downloads.

Riffs, Runs and Embellishments

Singing Riffs, Runs and Embellishments

Sing Riffs,Runs and Embellishments

Need work on your vocal embellishments?
Want to stretch your creative ideas for greater expressiveness and versatility?

Expression, Heart, Confidence and Control
can be yours when you buy and use the advanced exercises of "Riffs, Runs and Embellishments."

This is a revolutionary approach to vocal exercising and development! Stylistic riffs and "improvisations" are set to music as if you are singing with a band. The vocal melodies work with a variety of musical styles and put your vocal development into immediate application. The music makes practicing fun and inspirational.

Please Note that the Riffs, Runs and Embellishments exercises are included in Contemporary Vocalist Vol 2. as the fourth CD of that series.

You can use this CD download at any time, however the riffs can be very challenging. We recommend buying and using Contemporary Vocalist Vol 1 along with this individual CD download.
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