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Since I've been using the Deva Warm-up technique, ... my singing has improved and my voice doesn't crack as I try to hit the higher notes. So if you're a closet singer or want to become a singer and stress free your life, get the right tools to help you. Now if you are a professional singer, the Deva Method Vocal Warm-Up CD will prepare you for your gig or rehearsal.

In the first half of the CD, Jeannie Deva explains slowly and carefully how to correctly perform the warm-ups to prepare you for the second half of the warm-up routine. You will sail into the first song in your best form, with throat muscles relaxed and your voice feeling free and resonant!

- Amanda Cortez, Review Editor, magazine

Vocal WarmUps CD - Deva Method

Fast and Easy Singer Warm ups

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Deva Method Vocal Warm-Ups CDDeva Method Vocal Warm-Ups CD
Deva Method Vocal Warm-up - DOWNLOADDeva Method Vocal Warm-up - DOWNLOAD

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  • Avoid Vocal Blow-out

  • Sing Better without Lessons

  • Prolong Your Singing Career

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