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Jeannie Deva has appeared on E! Entertainment and TV Guide Stations. She has been endorsed by producers and engineers of Amy Winehouse, The Rolling Stones, The Cars, Aerosmith and Fleetwood Mac and Jeannie is a member of The Grammys and Latin Grammys.

Ms. Deva's client list includes Grammy Award winners (including Aimee Mann, Patty Griffin), finalists of 
American Idol, America's Got Talent and The Voice, Felecia Howes of the Multi-Platinum Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Latin Music stars Ruddy Rodriguez, Emmanuel and Ana Victoria, Singer/Actress Lynda Carter, plus leads in Broadway's Wicked, Rent, The Lion King and Grease, members of the rock bands J. Geils Band and Foghat, and backup singers for superstars Celine Dion, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Stevie Wonder and Janet Jackson.

Since introducing the world to her innovative Deva Method of vocal training in the mid-'70s, Jeannie Deva has become one of the most internationally respected and in-demand vocal coaches, recording studio vocal coach, columnist, top clinician, trainer of voice teachers and published author of The Contemporary Vocalist book and CDs series, The Deva Method® Vocal Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs CD. Voice teachers around the world base their teaching on Jeannie's method.

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Choosing the Right Song for Your Voice

By Jeannie Deva

This Vocal Tip Video is about how to select the right song for you to sing for auditions and competitions like The Voice and America's Got Talent. Even if you are not going to compete in one of those contests, knowing how to select the right songs for your voice and style is an integral part of being a successful performer.

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I want to say thanks for changing my way of thinking. ... Six months ago when my friend told me she got the Contemporary Vocalist Improvement Course, 1 and 2, plus the Deva Warm-Ups [CD], I didn't take her seriously. She sang for me today, I was literally blown away and covered in chills. She went from an ordinary singer to an extra ordinary one. I have tried every other program out there, and none of them has really given me what I want. My dad just got me the Deva Deal package today, and I can't wait to start practicing. I have soo much faith in Jeannie Deva's course ... Thanks!


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