I’m thrilled to see a book for singers, which covers a breadth of essential topics from vocal warm-ups to insights on cutting edge technology.  Jeannie Deva has given aspiring vocalists everywhere the gift of a relevant and readable guide as they journey toward new heights.
Gregory A. Barker, Commissioning Editor
Voice Council Magazine

Singer’s Guide to Powerful PerformancesSinger’s Guide to Powerful Performances
   Jeannie Deva has created a fantastic book that provides invaluable information, tips and techniques for the modern vocalist; in fact, the modern artist. It is a great resource for bettering your craft. I highly recommend that you check it out.
David Frangioni Music Technologist, Digital Audio Specialist
[Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Shania Twain, Sting, Capitol Records]

Singer's Guide to Powerful Performances

Singer’s Guide to Powerful Performances e-Book provides insider information that every singer needs to create an unforgettable performance.

Written by Celebrity Voice and Performance Coach Jeannie Deva, this groundbreaking e-Book includes 23 information packed chapters with hundreds of linked video examples and numerous innovative practice and application tips and techniques — including 55 exercises — to propel your performance up to the level of outstanding shows.

e-Book is a state of the art presentation that is not just page after page of text. It contains 118 stunning graphics and numerous quotations from famous artists and performers.

Singer's Guide to Powerful Performances Contents
Navigational Table of Contents for both Chapters and Exercises
Singer's Guide to Powerful Performances Chapter
Eye Pleasing Graphics and Quotes from Famous Artists
Singer's Guide to Powerful Performances has a fully navigational table of contents, interlinked text that makes it easy to find key subjects in other sections of the e-Book, a separate linked table of contents for all 55 exercises for easy access and hundreds of video links imbedded throughout so you can see examples of all aspects of performing.
Drawing from over four decades of experience launching careers of many top performers in every musical genre, Jeannie Deva packs the 228 pages of this e-Book with every facet you will need to make your songs come alive and confidently deliver powerful performances, including:

  • Achieve and Maintain Your Vocal Strength and Endurance
  • Resolving Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety
  • How to Connect with Your Audience
  • Vocal Embellishments and Vibrato
  • Advice and Exercises for Blending Backup Vocals
  • Eight Essential Elements to Learning a Song
  • Discover and Develop Your Unique Style
  • Effectively Working With Your Band or Accompanist
  • Microphone Technique and Finding the Best Mic for Your Voice
  • Commanding Your Stage Sound and Equipment
  • Deva’s Singer- Gear Reviews and Recommendations

Singer's Guide to Powerful Performances Chapter
Learn by Doing with 55 Innovative Exercises
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