VoiceTone C1 HardTune & Correction
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Deva Straight Talk: If you don’t need all the features of a vocal processor like the TCH VoiceLive Touch you can still augment your singing with vocal effects using the singles pedals offered by TC-Helicon. From the jaw dropping array of effects in the VoiceLive processor, TC-H extracted individual effects and put them in small foot controlled pedals just like guitarists use.

Each pedal allows the singer independent control over its effect. The VoiceTone C1 allows you to set the degree of pitch correction and guide it either by the key or the guitar input and then engage it when it is needed in a song by the press of the foot pedal. If you want to use more than one kind of effect, you can daisy-chain (link) the pedals by purchasing the “Audio & Power Accessory Kit” for connecting up to four them together.

Best Uses: I use these in my voice studio when preparing singers for auditions, concerts, and recordings. I also use them for my own repertoire practice as well as band rehearsals. In live performance, I use a number of them to dial-in the appropriate sounds for each song. They can also be used in home studios to process the vocals and enhance the quality of a demo recording.

Technical Details: These pedals are extremely easy to use and for the most part, you don’t even need to open a manual. Just plug in your mic, connect to your mixing board, and you’re ready to sing with studio quality vocal processing. Each pedal also provides phantom power for microphones that need it and a mic preamp to boost the signal power before it reaches the mixing board.

If you want to talk to your audience without effects or if you have several pedals daisy-chained and don’t want to use all of them for a particular song, you can turn them off with a tap of your foot or via the TC-Helicon MP-75 microphone designed with a remote on/off switch for these pedals.

VoiceTone C1 Details: This pedal has “mild to wild” pitch correction processing giving you transparent assistance with pitch during challenging live performance settings. Sometimes you may sing a bit off pitch in live performance because bad monitor mix doesn't permit you to hear your voice accurately. This pedal used in mild settings will compensate and smooth out your pitch. Or, you can use "wild" pitch settings for the robotic modern effects heard in some trendy recordings.

Features Benefits
Mic Preamp with Phantom Power Studio Quality Sound
Recessed Microphone Gain knob Prevents Accidental Bumps on Stage
Easily Connects with other VoiceTone Pedals Multiple Effects at the touch of a button

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