Contemporary Vocalist Vol 2
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Expression, Heart, Confidence and Control
can be yours when you buy and use these advanced exercises. These four CDs work with and expand upon the techniques of The Contemporary Volume One, once you have completed CD 2, "Range and Control". The four CDs of Volume Two contain Jeannie Deva's personalized coaching plus a small booklet of written instructions and tips round out all you need to explore, discover and realize potential you may not even know you have.

Jeannie Deva's method dispels vocal myths and has helped me sing at my best in my own style. - Harriet Schock, Grammy nominated, gold and platinum songwriter/recording artist

In the friendly, supportive and personalized approach for which she is known, Jeannie Deva helps you achieve a fully expressive voice. Providing piano accompaniment and intuitive coaching tips, she keeps your vocalizing both fun and rewarding. Use these CDs in sequence or customize a practice routine to suit your needs.

1. Eliminating the Break
Achieve a multi-octave, full sounding voice with no strain or break between registers. The exercises focus on developing the natural inner muscle movements necessary to eliminate register break.

2. Precision and Flexibility
This CD stretches your range with exercises that work the speed, precision and muscle flexibility of your voice. The result is professional command over your voice without having to think about technique.

3. Strength and Stamina
How much demand do you place on your voice when you sing? Here are specific vocal exercises to give you the strength and stamina you need to sing long, hard and full throughout your range night after night, rehearsal after rehearsal after, without fear of blowout or having to cancel gigs.

4. Riffs, Runs and Embellishments
Need work on your vocal embellishments? Want to stretch your creative ideas for greater expressiveness and versatility? This is a revolutionary approach to vocal exercising and development! Stylistic riffs and "improvisations" are set to music as if you are singing with a band. The vocal melodies work with a variety of musical styles and put your vocal development into immediate application. The music makes practicing fun and inspirational. This tape can be practiced with right away, before any other, however the riffs can be very challenging.

To achieve the full results discussed above, you must begin your work with Contemporary Vocalist Volume 1.


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Does Not Download directly to mobile phones. The zipfolder containing the MP3 audio files must be unzipped before music playing software can play the tracks.

Total Tracks 90
Total Time 3 Hours 46 Minutes
Package Quad CD Jewel Case
When to use After Contemporary Vocalist Vol 1
Shipping Weight 12 Ounces
Features Benefits
4 Compact Disks
Instructions and Exercises on Separate Tracks for Fast Access
Convenient Quad CD Jewel Case

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