Jeannie Deva is one of the nation’s most respected voice and performance coaches. Through Singer's Guide to Powerful Performances she offers many insights for vocalists who are striving for excellence.
Dale Kawashima
Music Publishing Exec who has worked with Michael Jackson, Prince, Sony Music and Motown Records and head of and

Singer Gear

Welcome to this special section of Jeannie Deva's website! This section provides owners of Jeannie's eBook: Singer's Guide to Powerful Performances more information about singer gear and resources that are covered in the book. The links below go to other pages containing detailed reviews and other valuable information that help you find the best microphone and other gear that have already been tested personally by Jeannie Deva.

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Singer ResourcesFind sheet music, songwriting sites and books, networking sites, music apps, music business books and services, vocal enhancement and more.
Singer Gear ReviewsHottest Singer Gear to enhance your show and give you the sound you want.
Deva Mic ReviewsMicrophone Reviews and Information to help You find the best Mic for your voice.

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