I am so thankful to have found Jennifer and Jeannie Deva Voice Studios... I have been given the best gift a singer could ever hope for - their own authentic voice. Thank you Jennifer!
Sincerely, Adriana Giancoli

Voice Consultation - Jennifer TruesdaleVoice Consultation - Jennifer Truesdale

Jennifer Truesdale Studio in Arlington MA

Jennifer Truesdale studio features The Deva Method in private voice lessons. The studio also offers coaching and training in Performance, Songwriting, Ear Training, Music Theory, Piano and Music Business. With many years experience in the music business, Jennifer can offer Music Career Coaching, A Complete Artist Development Program and Demo Recording Production for Singers. 
Jennifer Truesdale is the Director of Jeannie Deva Voice Studios in Boston. She is a professional vocal coach, certified in the Deva Method and a professional music career coach. An 18-year veteran of the music industry, she has performed internationally and has worked with hundreds of singers, helping each to achieve their own personal goals. Jennifer is a published songwriter who has written, produced and performed on recordings for major network television shows including: All My Children, Soul Food, Melrose Place, Sunset Beach, One Life to Live and The Young and the Restless.

A former record label-marketing executive, Jennifer has earned Gold and Platinum Albums and uses her music business expertise to advance her own career as well as those of her clients. Jennifer graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music and currently serves on the Berklee Alumni Association. Jennifer is also Co-Director for Chick Singer Night Boston a nationally recognized performance series for women.

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