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Boston School of Music Arts

Study voice with certified Senior Deva Method instructor Yury Shenkar at the Boston School of Music Arts. An experienced and versatile professional musician, Yury is a graduate of Berklee College of Music. After graduating Berklee and having gained extensive experience as a performer, Yury chose to be trained by Jeannie Deva because he recognized that her unique, breakthrough approach is the best method of vocal training available.

For over 30 years as both a performer abroad and in the United States and as a teacher of music, working with hundreds of students, Yury has developed a unique program that enables his students to learn to read music, play piano, play guitar, sing, and play bass competently.

He has developed an ear training program that addresses this important skill and is designed for absolute beginners to professionals. This program is of particular interest to vocalists seeking to enhance this training along with their voice lessons.

Boston School of Music Arts

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