Voice Consultation-Natascha CorriganVoice Consultation-Natascha Corrigan

Vocal Coaching

Vocal Coaching usually means a voice teacher helping a singer with song performance or repertoire. When done as part of a private voice lesson or a workshop, it means the same at our studio. However, Jeannie Deva has brought new meaning to the term Vocal Coaching. As a vocal specialist and a recording studio producer, Ms. Deva has combined her talents to help professional singers get their best vocal performance in the recording studio.

While recording engineers may be experts of the recording process and producers may be experts at arranging the various components into a finished artistically recorded CD, neither one is usually familiar enough with the voice to ensure the singer is attaining their best in the studio. This is where a vocal coach such as Jeannie Deva rounds out the recording team and helps the singer sound great. Only a vocal coach with lots of experience in the studio will be able to tell what needs to be remedied to allow the singer who is having difficulty to get their best performance onto tape without recording take after take after take.

For example, recording engineers usually have to use an effect known as "compression" when recording vocals. However, most of them don't know that too much compression, especially if the singer hears it in the music playback in their headphones, may cause the singer to unwittingly strain and go off pitch. Also, engineers and producers know a lot about microphones and their placement. However, they would have to be a vocal specialist to know that a particular type of microphone and its placement may alter the equalization of a singer's voice causing the singer to change the way they usually sing so they can sound "normal" to themselves.

Years and years of experience as both a voice teacher and recording producer have given Jeannie Deva new insights and expertise into these issues. She can help you get your very best vocal performance recorded in the studio with the least frustration or loss of time and money.

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