Developing Your Vocal Performance

By Jeannie Deva

May 2012

I’ve met many singers who think they have to be perfect in every way before they begin to perform. This misguided belief impedes them from reaching the goal of a confident and fully developed singer.

Here’s why: singing is about communicating and sharing feelings, concepts, images, dreams and spirituality with others. Once you begin to perform, you start to associate what you’re doing with your communication and you can determine if there is an alignment of all the elements of your style.

Receiving feedback can help you grow. Arrange to have a few friends/family members present at your performances as a kind of “focus group.” Beforehand, let them know you’ll be asking them about each of the following elements so they can observe more accurately.

Then, after your performance, get them together and find out the following: What did you do to engage them? Did you do anything that distracted them from experiencing a complete involvement with each song? Get their input on how you transitioned from one song to the next, how you moved on stage and handled the stage environment. If you performed with others, how did you interact with the rest of the band and them with you? Did you handle the mic and mic stand in a professional or disruptive manner?

Get them to respond to as many details of your performance as possible. All of these details combine and contribute to your unique personal style and a memorable, engaging performance.

And remember: As you receive this feedback, take only what makes sense to you; align it with your own vision of what you’re striving to create; discard anything with which you disagree.

Who you are IS your style. Vocal development helps to unlock the doors of your expression. From there, the more you let yourself be you, the more conviction with which you can sing each song and so, the more able you are to give to your audience. The rewards are well worth the time spent cultivating your artistry and your craft.

I’m cheering you on, - Jeannie Deva

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