Rode M2 Mic

Rode Microphones

I became a fan of the Australian Rode mics some years ago when a studio engineer had me try out one of their recording microphones (the NT 1000). I was impressed and delighted with the experience due to its smooth quality of sound and excellent vocal characteristic representation, making it extremely easy to sing through. More recently, I discovered that Rode began producing live performance hand-held mics. The live mics definitely benefit from Rode’s extensive experience in crafting premium condenser studio mics. I’ve been fortunate to road test these mics.

Rode M1

Deva Straight Talk: First of all, the protective packaging is really cool: It comes in a specially designed can. Visually, I was immediately impressed. This mic has a more open-sounding high end than most dynamic mics. It can take a beating without showing signs of age or neglect; it’s also built for singing right up on it — as so many rockers prefer doing.

Best Uses: Great for rock, male or female singers and especially male vocals with a darker, passionate voice.

Technical Details: This mic is well balanced and ergonomically crafted and is therefore comfortable to hold and perform with on stage. It’s built with an internal pop-filter to reduce consonant pops and hisses and also comes with a great feature that’s hard to find on mics these days: a lockable on-off switch (Rode M1-S). That means you can turn off the mic whenever you wish to block sound amplification and turn it on just when you’re ready to sing.

Note: A dynamic mic, the Rode M1 doesn’t need phantom power.
Rode M2

Deva Straight Talk: The Rode M2 has the crystal clear sound of a studio mic and represents a wide dynamic vocal range with ease. It offers a deep, full tone, making it easy to be versatile by supporting a wide range of vocal dynamics.

Best Uses: This mic is great for singers with a wide dynamic range, from intimate to full-out vocals. Designed as a live performance hand-held mic, it can also be used for recording in your home studio.

Technical Details: This is a condenser mic (studio quality on live stage) and also has a locking on/off switch. It’s lightweight and fits nicely in the hand; the shaft from top to bottom is relatively equal.

Note: This is a condenser mic, so it requires phantom power.

Rode S1

Deva Straight Talk: Wow, this mic sounds great. The Rode S1 has beautiful sound sensitivity and provides studio quality sound reproduction. A brighter-toned mic, it gives very detailed sound and presents more of the subtler nuances of the voice. This mic makes it feel easy to sing, which in turn supports more creative control over vocal flexibility as well as tone and color.

Best Uses: The Rode S1 is an excellent mic for full-bodied expressive vocals, male or female.

Technical Details: Usually condenser mics are more delicate, so this mic is surprisingly rugged. Its all-metal construction and steel mesh head means that it will generally not dent if you drop it. It also has a custom designed internal screen for plosives (consonants that are made with a pop of air) and a multi-stage mesh head that filters breath, wind and plosive noise without affecting its sensitivity or frequency response.

Note: This is a condenser mic, so it needs phantom power.

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