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Hercules Microphone Stands

Hercules Quick-N-EZ Series Microphone Stands

Deva Straight Talk: This mic stand is so easy and fun to adjust that I could do it all day. After a lifetime of struggle with traditional mic stand adjustments, I’m thrilled with this one (see the chapter All About Mic Stands in my Singer’s Guide to Powerful Performances eBook.) It’s lightweight with a sleek black satin finish. The material Hercules used for the adjuster works wonderfully.

Best Uses: You can use this mic stand at home, in rehearsal, and at your live shows. It’s lightweight, folds up and stacks nicely and is easy to carry with you to a gig or rehearsal.

Technical Details: Available as a boom stand for those of you who sing with an instrument, or as a stick stand model. If you think you may need both but only want to purchase one, you can get the boom stand and if needed, adjust it so it’s straight up and down to emulate a stick stand. The base comes as either a tripod or a round, weighted base stand. The round base has a cutout that makes it easy to stack if you have more than one.

Additional Specs: Hercules stands also have a couple of other smart features: A secure locking mechanism prevents slipping; the weighted base stand helps to dampen vibrations that could otherwise transfer noise from the stage or floor through your mic; you can leave your mic attached to the mic clip to assist with speedy set ups.

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