Singer’s Guide to Powerful PerformancesSinger’s Guide to Powerful Performances

Mic Technique Tip and Review

TC-Helicon MP-70 and MP-75 Microphones

Deva Straight Talk: Once again, TC-Helicon demonstrates their expertise and devotion to vocalists by designing a fabulous hand-held vocal mic. The MP-70 and MP-75 share the same mic design, save one remarkable element (see technical details below). They have a fabulous clean, present tone that promotes a true representation of the voice by providing good presence across the lows, mids, and highs.

As you sing close-up on either mic, they deliver a beautiful treatment of the timber of the voice while maintaining clarity and never sounding muddy. These mics provide a good amount of power which makes it easier to sing and not feel like you have to push. Consonants are well defined, and it captures the details of stylization and pronunciation. The mics also promote a smooth vocal performance.

Best Uses: These mics can handle many types of voices both male and female. With its sensitivity to detail, it could be particularly well paired to singer-songwriters, acoustic groups, as well as R&B and jazz singers. If you want a really dark grunge sound, this may not be the mic for you. Then again, as the mic is designed to help put your voice up front and center and cut through the band, you may find its versatility will fit whatever style you sing, especially when used with some of the TC-H effects pedals.

Technical Details: The MP-75 has a mic control button on the shaft which synchronizes with the TC-H VoiceTone Singles effects pedals and their VoiceLive Touch (see my effects pedals reviews on this site). In other words, if you opt to get any of the TC-H vocal effects pedals, you can turn the effects on and off from the button on your mic. This is great for stage when you want to talk to your audience without any of the vocal effects active. I love the independence this provides. While the mic sounds great by itself, I’ve found that the design works in an integrated fellowship with TC-Helicon’s vocal effects pedals to magnificently support for your vocal creativity.

Note: Since the MP-70 and MP-75 are dynamic mics, they do not need phantom power.

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