Lampifier Microphone, Model 111

Deva Straight Talk: I have worked with countless mics and the Lampifier microphone is uniquely different than any other. It has a built-in compressor and noise gate. The compressor smoothly and discreetly increases the volume of low pitches that might be concealed by the accompaniment; it also evens out the volume produced by loud vocal effects. This improves the electronic reproduction of your voice and keeps it amazingly present whether at low intensity or impassioned full throttle scream, with no audio distortion or shrillness. The mic’s internal noise gate blocks feedback and makes it easier to hear yourself, which helps reduce “pitchiness,” vocal strain and fatigue. It also comes with my favorite attachment: a flexible mic pop-on/lift-off mic clip as well as a padded mic gig bag. There’s no other mic like this out there and I highly recommend trying it out.

Best Uses: Since it’s easily programmable for all kinds of uses, it’s good for any kind of voice from a light and soft vocal style to hard and extreme singing; it also fits all styles of music.

Technical Details: An internal pop-filter reduces undesirable wind and breath noise. If your voice isn’t excessively soft or loud, the mic’s standard program setting will most likely be right for you. You can customize to adjust for weak or strong vocal projection as needed for the sound environment. The guide provided is graciously user-friendly and their online programming tool is excellently designed for ease of understanding and application.

Note: This is a condenser mic and will require phantom power.

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