TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch

Deva Straight Talk: The VoiceLive Touch pedal definitely has a “wow” factor. Responding to your touch, this vocal processor not only has all the vocal harmonies and effects that you can find in the VoiceLive 2, but also gives you up to 30 seconds of voice or guitar stereo looping in many different performance looping modes; you can create up to 25 separate loops. I like the fact that it’s touch sensitive and has such a cool look. The bottom line with this product is that the sound quality, versatility and control it offers singers are superb.

Best Uses: The VoiceLive Touch can be used live on stage or in rehearsal; it also offers professional quality sound processing in the recording studio. Great for singers who play another instrument, it mounts on top of a mic stand or can be placed next to a computer or keyboard.

Technical Details: Designed to connect to almost anything including a guitar and MP3 player, it also has a MIDI connector and USB port which connects to VoiceSupport on your computer for preset management, tips and software updates. The TC-Helicon M-75 mic reviewed below can be used with the VoiceLive Touch to control and change programs with one press of the mic’s button. Or, you can connect it to a foot pedal. There’s a bit of technology to deal with and a fair amount to learn as it offers so much in one unit. It’s well worth the effort if you’re looking for expanded creative control of your sound.

Additional Details: This pedal stores up to 25 favorites so you can create and call them up for future use. The slider opens up a world of hundreds of presets and easy editing. It has a studio quality mic input so the sounds you create are beautifully recorded.

Retail: $599 - Sale: $499

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