TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2

Deva Straight Talk: It’s a powerful, relatively easy-to-use floor-based vocal processor pedal that gives you studio quality vocal effects such as reverb, delay, vocal doubling, vocal distortion and more, as well as rich, natural sounding harmonies. Additionally, you can use all the effects simultaneously. I first used the VoiceLive2 in rehearsal for a show of varied musical styles and instantly fell in love with the presets. The sound and effects possibilities contained in this one pedal are awesome (as always from TC-H). But it’s not just the array of sounds it contains — the sound is so natural.

Best Uses: For singers who want their live vocals to sound like recording studio quality and want it all in just one pedal. Great for rehearsals, plus all kinds of gigs, all styles of music, all types of voices.

Technical Details: There’s a very cool way the pedal controls vocal volume while monitoring and controlling feedback. You can also select different effects for different songs in your set, store them, and dial them up when needed. If you’re willing to learn some techie stuff, or ask a more tech-savvy band mate to help, you can edit and design an even wider variety of sound options for your signature sound and style. This unit has a USB port for updates, backups and more. If your sound engineer is not familiar with this pedal, you’ll need to bring the manual with you to help streamline your pre-performance sound-check. For anyone familiar with its predecessor but not the upgrade, the VoiceLive2 pedal is much easier to use with even more features.

Additional Details: With this pedal you can lead your own backup group or choir. The sound is authentically human and dynamic sensitive. It also features many automated features: set the volume gain of your mic as you sing, a cool button called “Adaptive Tone” which when engaged gives you recording studio quality tonal enhancement that adapts to the tonal range of your singing. 

Retail: $945.00Sale: 703.99

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