Jeannie Deva in the Studio
Jeannie Deva in the Studio

Extreme Isolation Headphones Model EX-25

Deva Straight Talk: When I put on these headphones, the rest of the world disappears. All I hear is exactly what I want to focus on — the music. These are what are known as close-eared headphones, which completely seal your ears. They’re the quietest I’ve run across out of the many I’ve tried. Any close-eared headphone is going to be different in feel and sound as compared to a non-close-eared headset so it may take some getting used to.

Best Uses: Great for JamHub rehearsals due to their extreme sound isolation. I use these in the recording studio as a monitoring system when producing singers. The additional isolation sharpens my audio perception so I can be spot-on while coaching vocals during tracking and when analyzing the results during playback.

Technical Details: The designers even made it easy to know which phone goes on which ear by color-coding left and right. While they’re heavier than what you might be used to, the degree to which they reduce external noise is surprising. They also come with a cool carrying case and fold compactly.

Additional Specs: These headphones pair extremely well with the JamHub. They’re designed to protect your ears from damage and improve the detail of your hearing experience. The Model EX-25 headphones come in their own cloth drawstring bag for easy storing and carrying.

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