Sheet Music-Backing Tracks and More

Song Accompaniment Instrumental Tracks

When learning a song you plan to perform, singing along with the original recording artist goes just so far. To develop your own phrasing and interpretation for a song, it is best to practice with instrumental music accompaniment tracks. Here are some of the best sources of Karaoke type backing tracks that I’ve found. This website offers several possible key changes for each song in case the original is not in your range.

Have you heard a song you want to sing but your didn’t know the title or artist? Download this App.

Shazam is a song identification app with versions for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Blackberry, Nokia, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices. Once the app identifies the song, you can purchase it if you like. There is a free and an inexpensive premium version of Shazam.

Downloadable Sheet Music

If you’re working with musicians who read music, you can save a lot of rehearsal time by providing them with sheet music as well as recordings of the songs they need to learn. Here are several reputable online companies that supply downloadable sheet music for a wide variety of styles.

Image and Style Consultants

Designing your image is an important factor when you’re in the spotlight. Here are two wonderful resources to help you discover the best colors and styles for you and your stage persona.

Jill Kirsh Color and Style Consultant

Business Cards, Flyers and More

Networking is of the utmost importance. This includes having an eye catching professional business card which includes not only your name, phone number and email address, but also your social media addresses. It's a good idea to include a byline, such as: Sydney Smith, Singer/Songwriter – or – Florence Fishbone, Backing Vocals - Stage and Studio. (Just to give you some ideas.)

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