Our shopping cart requires a shipping address for all orders, even downloads. If you order only downloads, you can enter your billing address in the Ship To data fields. Then on the next page check the "Same as Ship to" box.

When you complete checkout, the links for your downloads will be on the order acknowledgement page. DO NOT close that page until you have successfully downloaded your purchase to your computer.

You can always contact Tech Support for assistance.

Domestic- U.S.A.

Your purchase will be processed in real time by our online secure servers so that you will know right away if it has been authorized by your credit card bank. To protect you against fraud, the billing address you enter in our order form must match the one your bank has for your account in order to be accepted. You will see an acknowledgement page containing a long order number which you can use to track you order on our site. Also an automated email receipt will be sent to you. If you would like your order shipped to an address different from your billing address, please enter it in full in the appropriate fields on the order form. All information is kept confidential and secure. We process all orders within 48 hours and ship to locations within the United States of America by First Class or Priority Mail. Estimated time of arrival of your order is three to five days including the two days for processing. Shipping rates in USA are 40 cents per ounce. Each product has a shipping weight noted on its description page.


We do ship orders to international locations by International Air Mail. Estimated time of arrival including the two days for processing your order is  10 to 14 days. Each country has its own regulations about import taxes. If you have questions about whether your country charges import duties or taxes, you will need to connect the Customs Department of your government. In the pull down menu for the "Country" field in the order form, select your country so that the correct shipping will be added to your order. If your country does not appear on the list, select "Others." The correct shipping charge for your order will appear once the shipping address has been submitted to the cart.

The charge is per ounce of the shipping weight of you order.
Here are the charges per ounce for:
Canada- 45 cents per ounce
United Kingdom- 65 cents per ounce
All Other International destinations- 75 cents per ounce

Please email any other specific questions you may have to:

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