"Jeannie understands my style and is sensitive to the most subtle inflections within the lyrics. Her patience and professional knowledge of voices, studios and musical arrangements has helped me keep the quality and integrity of every song I've performed in a session."

Dar Williams,
Award winning recording artist, Razor and Tie Records
Voice Consultation-Natascha CorriganVoice Consultation-Natascha Corrigan

Recording Studio Vocal Coaching and Production

To reduce time, expense and frustration on your vocal recording projects, add Jeannie Deva to your team of professionals. She is a Vocal Specialist and expert performance and style coach, who has worked on scores of recording projects in major studios throughout the past twenty-five years.

Jeannie Deva has a wealth of experience with studio production and equipment, including analog, digital and computer recording techniques, miking and acoustics as they affect vocal performance quality. She is hired by record producers to act as the session vocal coach or as full-on vocal producer. Having produced entire albums, Jeannie understands what is needed and possesses the skills to assist the producer in achieving his vision for the recording. With her as part of your team you will achieve higher quality products in less studio time and your sessions will be more enjoyable and creative for everyone. Such is the demand for her services, record producers fly her to national and international destinations for their projects. 


  • Vocal Pre-Production
  • Recording Session Singer Preparation
  • Session Set-up
  • Session Vocal Coaching
  • Vocal Compilation and Editing
Jeannie Deva recording with Rock guitarist Paul Gilbert
Rehearsing with Paul Gilbert in the recording studio before Jeannie sings the backing vocal tracks on Paul's latest album.

Vocal Pre-Production

Jeannie can assist a singer with anything needed to prepare songs well in advance of going to the studio. This could include developing songs, adding harmony or back up parts, arrangement, performance, correction of any vocal difficulties within each song and virtually anything needed to prepare for the recording project. To keep the actual recording sessions efficient, Jeannie can help with decisions about production methods, overdubbing, microphone selection, etc. even before the singer steps into the studio.

Recording Session Singer Preparation

This is done in the recording studio 30 to 45 minutes prior to starting the session. Jeannie has unique and effective series of warm-ups that limber and relax tense muscles resulting in a richer more resonant voice and a greater ease of singing. This way the singer sounds good right from the start of the session and will last longer.

Session Set-Up

Jeannie works smoothly in coordination with the singer, producer and engineer to achieve the perfect acoustic and electronic gear setup. Combining her vocal expertise with familiarity of the recording process, she will ensure the proper microphone is correctly positioned to maximize the quality of the singer's voice. As well she will select the optimum headset and headset mix that will allow the singer to perform without needing to compensate for the effects of electronic reproduction of the voice.

Session Vocal Coaching

With coaching tools and skills developed during nearly four decades as a singer and teacher, Jeannie Deva can quickly isolate and correct problems that would otherwise wear out a singer's voice as they do take after take, while everyone hopes the next one will be better. Jeannie is able to pinpoint the cause of a problem and fix it fast allowing the singer to stay fresh delivering a convincing performance while the producer and engineer remain relaxed and focused on production quality. Sometimes pitch, tone or phrasing problems are the result of faulty vocal technique. However, just as often they may be the result of headset mix or other acoustic issues in the studio of which the singer isn't even aware. Whatever it is, Jeannie will find it fast and remedy it before anyone's nerves are frayed.

Vocal Compilation and Editing

Jeannie has developed an administrative method of keeping track of the vocal recording, phrase by phrase, that increases session efficiency and saves a lot of time. With her system, Jeannie guides the engineer and singer so as to reduce the number of takes required to achieve the final recording. It also reduces time needed for punching or compiling tracks into the final product. Jeannie can quickly identify the exact words or parts of words in the lyrics that are problematic so they can be punched or otherwise corrected. If a compilation track is going to be made, Jeannie can quickly create a map for the engineer, greatly reducing editing and mix time. 

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