Jeannie, I'm singing better than I probably ever have, thanks in large part to the time I spent working with you. Having a new understanding of what it takes to hit high notes allowed me to start fresh... Take care.

Wil Seabrook
Voice Consultation-Natascha CorriganVoice Consultation-Natascha Corrigan

A Message from Jeannie Deva in 2014 before she passed away.

The services and skills described in this video recorded in 2014 have been passed on by Jeannie Deva to her Deva Method certified teachers. Our teachers are working performers who also teach and they can help you via online lessons. Voice Lessons Online is a unique opportunity to study directly with a Deva Method teacher from your home.
·       Develop Your Unique Voice and Style
·       Achieve Unforgettable Professional Performance
·       Study Online with a Deva Method Teacher
Before Skype and other methods of online video chats were invented, Jeannie Deva did singing lessons by telephone to allow singers touring with bands to continue to receive her vocal coaching while they were traveling. Then she began using it with voice students who were not touring but who lived too far away to meet with her in person.
In 2003 when Skype was released, Ms. Deva switched her telephone students to it with the added benefit of video. She had more experience with online lessons than any other voice teacher and she passed on this knowledge to her Deva Method teachers. Her certified teachers continue to get excellent results with private vocal coaching using various services such as Skype, ooVoo, FaceTime, etc
If you already sing well and don't feel you need voice lessons, perhaps you are preparing for a recording project, live shows or an audition and you need help now to prepare songs to achieve your best performance. Lessons are 45 minutes or one hour long and generally once per week. However, your vocal coach will plan optimum scheduling with you.
Online Voice Consultation
The best way to try out online voice lessons and decide if this is the right teacher for you, is to start with a 30-minute voice consultation and see how well it will work for you.
A vocal consultation with a Deva Method teacher is not just a chat session. During this 30-minute online meeting, our vocal coach will listen to you sing and then use techniques so you can hear and feel an immediate improvement in your voice.
Buy an online consultation and we will match you with a teacher who best fits your personality and needs as a singer. After you purchase a consultation, you will receive a questionnaire by email to fill out and return to your voice teacher. You will also receive Studio Guidelines and additional information about the consultation and lessons. Your vocal coach will email you to schedule the consultation.

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