Jeannie and I did some jamming together at the NAMM show, and her singing was amazing. She is a master of her instrument, and also a great teacher… 

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The holidays can be a joyous time of year or sometimes a dreaded season from which to recover. Often the difference between the two depends upon how well we deal with familial relationships and whether or not we over-indulge. If you are doing any performing during the holidays, you certainly don’t want to over-indulge in all the fabulous food, libations and desserts.

1. Don’t over eat. Even worse than eating desserts and such is to over-eat. All those people passing out on the living room furniture after the big Thanksgiving dinner are not just sleepy due to tryptophan in the turkey (an essential amino acid, released from proteins during digestion which causes the body to release serotonin and make a person sleepy). It is more likely that they stuffed themselves to the point of bloating and their bodies are desperately trying to digest it all. So sure, you can try a little of everything but keep your portions small and stop when you feel full. Your body will thank you and you’ll stay awake and comfortable so you can enjoy the festivities.

2. Sugar Blues. It is pretty much common knowledge in nutritional circles that regularly eating sugar over long periods of time is detrimental to health. During the holidays the temptations are everywhere, but remember that the pleasure of the sweet tastes and the possible energy burst you get from the spike in your blood sugar will be followed by an energy slump and other unhealthy side effects. Keep the portions of desserts small and be sure to eat lots of green vegetables to counteract the effects of sugar.

3. Non-Alcoholic is better. It’s customary for people to drink alcoholic beverages during holiday social occasions. Who can pass up the alcoholic hot cider or brandy laced eggnog? Just be moderate and drink lots of water to re-hydrate your body. Also, mixing alcohol with the contents of your stomach during a big meal really inhibits digestion. Try having any wine or alcoholic drinks on an empty stomach before dinner. You’ll get more effect from less alcohol and if you can wait a bit before you eat, you’ll digest better and feel better the rest of the evening.

I hope this helps you have an enjoyable holiday and don’t forget to sing, sing, sing.
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