Jeannie and I did some jamming together at the NAMM show, and her singing was amazing. She is a master of her instrument, and also a great teacher… 

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  1. Destiny's Child Vocal GroupRecently Fifth Harmony performed a Destiny’s Child medley on ABC’s new show Greatest Hits. You can see a teaser video of the performance using the link at the end of this blog post. Whether or not you like the music of Fifth Harmony as much as they like to sing Destiny’s Child songs, you probably would agree that they are a talented vocal group.
  2. Jeannie Deva at Sunset

    On January 17, 2016 the wonderful spirit we have known as Jeannie Deva departed her body. Jeannie has touched and enriched the lives of so many people and she will be missed. 

    She was passionate about singing and helping singers to reach their full potential.

  3. Sam Smith
    To get to a point where vocal surgery is required is definitely no joke no matter who you are. But when it means having to cancel numerous concerts part of a full-out tour, undergo surgery and then undergo absolute and complete vocal rest for weeks and carry the weight of uncertainty on just how your voice is going to sound once recovered, well… my heart is heavy.

  4. Mariah CareyPerhaps the journalists who criticized Mariah's performance should get their ears checked or at least stop using the reactions of select celebrity audience members to determine the quality of a performance. The majority of the live audience in Las Vegas who heard Mariah Carey sing her new song "Infinity" responded with resounding applause.

  5. Mariah CareyWithin hours of Mariah Carey opening her Chanteuse tour in Tokyo on October 4, 2014, the media was awash with insulting videos and news stories about how badly she sounded. If you listen to the sample YouTube video of her show that is posted on, even taking into consideration the poor recording quality of the video, it is clear that a once great singer has run aground on the rocks of vocal blow-out like so many before her.

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