Jeannie Deva Voice Studios

The late Jeannie Deva was a renowned celebrity vocal coach who developed a highly effective approach for contemporary singers which helps them sing passionately without the risk of vocal blow-out. The Deva Method is a natural approach to singing based upon her original research into the physiology of the voice and development of exercises to build vocal stamina and agility.

Jeannie Deva Voice Studios was established in 1978 to help popular music singers achieve their full potential. Through many years of research and experience, Jeannie Deva created a method of voice training that permits singers to sing in a spontaneous, expressive manner, developing their own voice and style without fear of damaging consequences.

As word of the effectiveness of her method spread, it became necessary for Jeannie to train other teachers in order to keep up with the demand for voice lessons.

Singing Lessons/ Vocal Coaching

Our voice studio is staffed with a team of caring professionals, trained, experienced and certified to teach The Deva Method. Our instructors are personally apprenticed by Ms. Deva, in one of the most comprehensive teacher training programs available, until they are able to deal with anything that may stand in the way of a singer achieving their goals.

Working with one of her certified instructors you can:
  • Achieve Confidence in Your Own Voice and Style 
  • Expand and Strengthen Range
  • Increase Power and Flexibility
  • Develop Vocal Tone and Control
  • Sing Hard and Avoid Vocal Blow-Out
  • Make the Transition from Classical to Popular-Music Technique
  • Release the Passion in Your Voice
  • Receive Voice Therapy for Damaged Voices
  • Learn Microphone Technique.
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