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Electro-Voice Microphones

This company has been inventing mics for a very long time. Over the span of many years, I’ve known singers who swear by their EV mics. Each EV has a definite personality; this requires a careful selection process to make sure you match the best model to your voice. They are really worth trying out. Here’s a review of three one-of-a-kind EVs.

EV PL80c

Deva Straight Talk: The EV PL80c provides nice detail because of how it works with the frequencies of the voice. Singing with your mouth right up on it delivers a full, warm tone due to its excellent proximity effect. Compared to other mics, I find this one has less mid-range presence. The shaft of the mic is rather narrow, so it may not be a comfortable fit for someone with a large hand.

Best Uses: This mic is best suited for more intimate vocal and musical styles. Good for male or female vocals, it’s designed for club and concert sound.

Technical Details: This EV has a vintage look with a slightly textured gray satin finish on the shaft. The head of the mic is shaped with a slightly flat nose adding to its distinctiveness. It has good sound rejection from the sides and the rear which minimizes chances of feedback.

Note: The PL80c is a dynamic microphone and does not need phantom power.
EV 767a

Deva Straight Talk: The look of the EVE 767a mic is stylish. It’s a noticeably bright mic while simultaneously providing a fatter bottom-end sound. Its tonal characteristics vary noticeably depending on how close you hold the mic to your mouth. Singers with high end voices may find their upper range is intensified. If you have a light or very bright voice, this mic may not be the best choice; it will intensify your voice in such detail that technical flaws may be exposed and magnified. But if you want your voice to really be heard and you use good mic technique, this just may be the mic for you.

Best Uses: This mic is particularly good for more difficult situations such as very loud bands; clubs where the acoustics are awful and sound is bouncing everywhere; and bands who need to leave the background vocal channels up all of the time but don’t want their stage sound to filter into the mix. The 760a also sounds great on higher-pitched pre-teen singers as well as drummers and guitar players who sing a lot with their amp pointed at their singing position.

Technical Details: The 767a is designed with a tailored bass response giving it a more controlled proximity effect: On more intimate song sections or verses, bring your lips to within a quarter inch of the mic head for beautiful warmth and a full sound; on dynamic high intensity choruses pull it a few inches away. Due to the size and weight of the mic head, it’s slightly top heavy in the hand, but relatively light to hold.

The mic’s head is designed more narrowly, requiring a more accurate angling toward your mouth for best pickup and tonal reproduction. The body of the mic is made of really cool material EV calls “Warm Grip,” which has a slightly rubbery feel and is very nice to hold.

Note: This mic is a dynamic mic and therefore doesn’t require phantom power.
EV ND967

Deva Straight Talk: The EV ND967 is strikingly different and has a lot of power. The totally flat-topped design gets your mouth closer to the inside receiver of the mic. Singing right on the mic gives louder and warmer representation to the voice. Not much mic control is needed to sing with this mic as you can stay right on top of it. It captures more of the voice and gives a full representation of the singer’s natural qualities. It’s also comfortable in the hand and lightweight to hold.

Best Uses: This mic is very versatile; it works well with a wide range of musical and vocal styles. It handles loud singing styles beautifully while retaining absolute clarity throughout a full dynamic vocal range. Good for large or small concert venues and stadium systems, and especially good for louder stage environments. Its sensitivity to voices that have flexibility of nuances is a beautiful thing to behold and to experience as an expressive singer.

Technical Details: This is a super high gain-before-feedback concert vocal mic. It has a washable grille screen and a two-stage pop filter that reduces wind blast noise from over-articulated consonants or if you’re singing in an outdoor situation. It has a stainless steel retainer and hygienic pop filter so you can easily clean and disinfect the grille screen. This mic has a “personality switch.” In the normal position, the microphone exhibits a very smooth, slightly accentuated treble frequency response which helps the voice cut through and not get drowned out by the other instruments.

The EV ND967 provides fuller sound when you sing with the microphone several inches from your lips. Put the switch in the “presence” position and the mid-range frequencies are slightly reduced. This gives the microphone more cut and clarity when used very close to your mouth. The body of this mic, as is the case with the 767a, is made of “Warm Grip,” giving it a slightly rubbery feel which is very nice to hold.

Note: The ND967 is a dynamic mic and does not need phantom power

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