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Audix VX5 Microphone

Deva Straight Talk: The Audix VX5’s power totally surprised me. This mic brings out certain brighter aspects of the voice which makes it feel easier to sing and reduces the inclination to push for power. It resonates well for quiet vocals as well as for a full-bodied sound. The mic permits a more variable mic technique — meaning the vocalist can vary mouth-to-mic proximity while maintaining a well-balanced vocal presentation. Since it is a high-end and sensitive mic, knowledge of mic technique is necessary.

Best Uses: The Audix works well with a variety of voice types and particularly supports voices that are a bit higher-pitched by providing a less tinny and fuller sound quality. This mic is especially great for acoustic rock, folk, singer-songwriter applications; it’s also well-suited for male or female voices.

Technical Details: The VX5 doesn’t look like the standard mic. Instead, it has a unique “high tech” look. This is a condenser mic which means it’s much more sensitive to your voice and is the type of mic used in the recording studio for detailed sound reproduction. There are two settings to choose from, which make it a more versatile mic. If you have a really powerful voice, one of the settings will help normalize the levels and minimize distortion. You can get a bit further away from this mic as it has a less noticeable proximity effect.

Note: Since this is a condenser mic, it requires phantom power.

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